Emotional and Impulsive

* Antisocial: where you don't care about other people’s feelings, get easily frustrated and aggressive, and find it difficult to develop close relationships. You do things on the spur of the moment without feeling guilty and are unable to learn from unpleasant experiences.

* Borderline or emotionally unstable: where you do things without thinking and find it hard to control your emotions. You may feel empty inside or so bad about yourself you self-harm. Although you make relationships quickly, you can easily lose them. You can also feel paranoid or depressed and may hear noises or voices.

* Histrionic: where you tend to be self-centered and over-dramatise events. Your emotions are strong, but change quickly. You worry a lot about your appearance and crave excitement.

* Narcissistic: where you crave success, power and status. You seek attention and tend to exploit others for your own gain.


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