Anxiety symptoms

* Feeling worried all the time
* Tiredness
* Irritability
* Unable to sleep
* Difficulty concentrating
* Racing heartbeat
* Sweating
* Muscle tension and pains
* Shaking
* Breathing heavily
* Feeling dizzy or faint
* Indigestion or diarrhoea

If you are anxious already, the physical symptoms can make you worry they are signs of a serious illness. This can make you even more anxious.

Panic symptoms

* Sudden and overwhelming fear and sense of loss of control
* Breathing quickly
* Increased pounding heartbeat
* Sweating
* With a bad panic attack, you may feel that you are going to die

Phobic symptoms

* A phobia is strong feeling of anxiety in situations that frighten you. For example, if you have a phobia of dogs, you feel anxious when there are dogs around, but feel fine at other times.
* You tend to avoid the situations that make you anxious - but this makes the phobia worse as time goes on.
* Your life gets taken over by the things you have to do to avoid such situations.
* You realise that there is no real danger and may even feel silly about your phobia, but still can't control it.

Anxiety and panic are often accompanied by feelings of depression, losing your appetite, or seeing the future as bleak and hopeless.


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