Treatments of Dementia

If you are worried about your memory, see your doctor. He or she can carry out a simple memory test, examine you physically and order blood tests. You can be referred to a specialist team to test your memory in more detail and arrange a brain scan if needed.

There are no cures, as yet, for many of these conditions and treatment depends on the diagnosis. A group of drugs called acetyl cholinesterase inhibitors may slow the progression of Alzheimer’s dementia and Lewy Body dementia and another drug called memantine, a glutamate blocker, may protect brain cells against damage.

In Vascular dementia and possibly Alzheimer’s, other drugs may be of use in slowing the damage to brain cells and hence brain function, including:

* Aspirin
* Medication to control high blood pressure
* Cholesterol lowering treatments such as statins

There is a small amount of evidence that the herb gingko biloba and possibly also vitamin E may help delay progression of the disease It’s also important to stop smoking, eat healthily and take exercise.


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