About Doctor

Dr. Pal is Senior Phychiachiatrist & Counselor having more than 20 Years of Experience in the helping thousands of people having serious psychitric problems. Strong values and a solid work ethic has made him one of best Psyciatrist in India.

He is also Assistant Superintendent of Maharahaja Yashwantrao Hospitals & Assiciate Professor in Mahatma Gandhi Medical College.

After completing his MBBS from Kanpur University in 1994, Dr. Pal did his masters in psychiatry from Lucknow Unversity in 1999. Then he joined MGM Medical College in Indore as Assistant Professor while continuing his clinical practice. Dr. Pal's major interest is in curing serious psychiatric problems.

Dr. Pal deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with all type of mental disorders.


Contact - Address

306 Alankar Point, Geeta Bhavan Square,
Indore - 452001